Its March! What's Going up next?

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TIME, Y U NO PASS SLOWER?!?! Hello readers (seem formal enough. #Closeenough) sorry for the 'rude' greeting. Just wanted to heat up this post with some meme quotes since I lack of picture haha. Hello March, hello new goals and hopes.

March. Mmm....... What are your march plans? Mine is easy. Guess!!!!
Beep! Game Over or You Won. Yes, exam month.
To be honest, I am very tired and abit stress for the whole week, even on weekends! baaahhhh. I just want to scream!! Or maybe not, neighbours will KILL ME! haha. But seriously ._.
But one good news, after exam, D' HOLIDAYS!!!!! 
Yes, you heard me! Holidays!!!!! I am waiting for them to approach muah :D.

Last but not least, Thank you all for supporting my hair tutorial. I will make more tutorial in the future! :).
Thanks for reading, and I hope all of you have a nice day :D.
Smile, not overboard.

Victoriayuen xoxo.


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