15 KM Long Run-Walk Jogathon.

Click My Nuffnang Babies ;).


Last time running + walking with you babe! :'(. Am I the only one who is staying for Senior 3?
I hope we can run together next year ( つ﹏╰). I will miss you all......
They changed location this year which makes the journey longer.

My sexy man, Yihong wore PINK PANTS! I love it! hahaha. I didn't bet with him or anything.
He told Jolyn he will wear pink and he did! :X
Actually we can run + walk together, but we lost them (Wen Hao, Yihong) -.-. They always disappear.
Overall it was quite memorable for me :).
This happened to my shoes after running + walking 15KM. Walk until half, broke -.-.

Finally we made it to the finish line!
We never give up on each other. Ran with Xin Yu and then disappear too >~<.

This is our love. ♥

Surprisingly, I walked from Thean Hou Temple back to my school with BARE FOOT & SOCKS which makes it memorable to me.
How awesome is that!!! LOL. But the sand hurts a lot la. Blood circulation I said.
Thanks to Jolyn and Xin Yu for offering me help when there's no one there for me.

My foot! XD.

A little selca won't make this post die right? :PPP.

Well, every post has an ending.
I love you guys, appreciate lots :))).

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Much loves, Victoria Yuen.


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