Maybe Its Our Last Chance.

Fresh morning, blazing sun, omfg. Its Sports Day.
Same location as last year, yet different mood for this time.


Enjoy the morning sunrise.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring anything and had caused myself roasted under the hot sun :(.
Spend the whole day unproductively.
I really love the hair wreath made by Phyllis.

Random shots.

Yes, all hair wreaths are handmade.

A few pictures with ma hommies, haha.

From the left: Jia Wen, Wendy & Wan Chyi.
Guy behind:  photoboom level- Professional. lol xD.

They love selca, do they? o.o

One photo with Cherry! :).

What can I say?
She's beautiful ;

Angel from heaven siaaa xD.

She came back that day.


Holly! Its us again.

Maybe its our last chance to spend and share this moment together.
But why we let time pass? Let our love flowing silently through our fingers without grabbing it?
I wonder if we are meant to be, or just a little child's game.
I love you all, as my best friends, and as a group together.
I don't want to lose you all.
We're not mad, we're just disappoint on the way you act, the way you ignore our true feelings for you.
Maybe you know, but you remain silent.

Sorry for being all Shakespeare in all a sudden lol.
Its just that when people cares about you, don't take it as granted. Note that.

Songs I've been listening recently to calm my nerves.

Just Give Me A Reason- P!nk & Nate Ruess (cover) Megan Nicole & Jason Chen.

Yihong & I: 好听!!! *N times 
Seriously better than the original, sorry Pink or Nate Ruess fans :X.

Forget You- Cee Lo Green (cover) Megan Nicole & Jason Chen

I really love both of them do cover together! I'm a fan seriously! :))))). Support!

Thats it for today, catch out for moreeeee interesting post! ;).

Victoria Yuen sign off.


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