Simple Farewell To Her.

Heeeellooooooo :). Its a late hour post. Its been quite a long time since I post something right here.
Anyways, Happy April everyone! Gosh, I don't know how to start haha. #awkward. April has been okay for me and I think It will be best along the way.

This post is actually about the last outing with one of my best friends (I don't have a lot of best friends laaa :X). I think Its the last outing, I'm not sure If we will go out again. She transfer school to somewhere else for further studies (less info, don't ask.)
She's Jia Le, girl I known for 3 months which we became best friends the second day of school. Fast right? I know that. Sometimes fate just knocked onto you, I can't explain that.

Simple farewell, simple enough.
No having expensive dishes or shop till us drop, just movie, food, some heart-to-heart conversations.
We had breakfast @ Old Town.

Before the movie, we took a few photos.

This movie is highly recommend!!!! (Y) (Y) (Y)
When the main actor, R came out. Shyt! We died. LOL. He's frigging good looking, I mean seriously!!!
For the record, I didn't watch the trailer before :XXX.

R: Act... dead.
Julie: *acting dead*
R: Too... much.
LOL! Other funny parts are include in this movie.


Some photos I shot during the holidays.
Protect stray cats and dogs.

Little booklet I made for her, hope she likes it.

Victoria Yuen XOXO.


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