FIVE out of TEN

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290513 ; Wednesday.

Midvalley with four of them and to shock you, the actual number invited was 10. Thanks to Wen Hao for planning this outing. My sexy man Yihong was sick :(, so only me, Jo, Henry, Wen Hao & Kelvin. Five out of ten, now you understand my title for this post :D.

Double date first with the guys since we don't want to watch movie. Our poor Wen Hao wanted to watch Fast&Furious desperately. Sorry my "boyfriend" LOL. We had brunchhhhhh @ Pancake House, one of my favourite place to eat in Midvalley.

*When I say boyfriend, don't take it seriously*
He is single.

Henry: "Eh! 偷拍我们!" ==
Here you go Henry.

While waiting for our food & Kelvin~

haha, Henry not as handsome as my "boyfriend"

Left: Henry, Right: Wen Hao.

Now Its our turn.

Sorry for the troll face, I got distract by me boy loool xD.

Henry Chan's art work -.-.


My food.

The boys wanted to bowl, but we girls don't feel like it.
So we all went to karaoke! :D.

Ugly picture! :(

Our Kelvin smile so bright TEEHEHE! XD

Jolyn, Y U NO CLEAR? :(.

Henry please don't act cute, Jolyn more cute LOL :P.

Gay&annoyed lols.

The couple photo xP.

Bright spot! o__o.

Kelvin, don't steal my wallet T3T.

I don't know why I put this pose...

I am the third party :OOOOO.

Henry trying to be sexy.

I love this one! ^__^

Now its mua turn to be blur  (►.◄)

Kelvin & Jolyn plus the third party, Henry! LOL

Then again.

I love this picture! :B.

Hui yorhh. Singing duet? o.o

I saw Henry blinking lol.

I love One D songs xD.

Food! Kelvin pose.

Wen Hao:" Wei Ya! 我要吃了!" LOL

Together!  ✿

Photo Of The Day.

OOTD: Long sleeve kitty from SEED.

Till then,
Victoria Yuen xoxo.


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