Hello loves ♥ 
Last day of May and also finally its part 3! (: I apologize for all the quality-sucked photos. I apologize...... :(.

MONDAY 20.05.13.

I can say that they are a lucky couple. 520! Means I Love You.
To be honest, I forgot this day hahaha. They say this day is very special when you have a lover. But even you don't have one, you can spend it with your besties and family. So yeah.
I love my boyfriend ❤ Oh wait! I don't have one! LOOOOL.
Sorry Jolyn, ILOVEYOU ;).

This is me for that day. Yes, I didn't get anything flashy to wear. I'm just staying normal.

My moody face....

We're still kids.

I apologize for the quality, I'm not professional.

Guys with babies, attractive. with cousin brother.

The first dish came out, some appetizer.

smokeeey :P


Groom sings for the bride.
She's awkward haha.

Champagne time ^.^.

The cousin gang xD.

Till then.
Victoria Yuen xoxo


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