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Videos I watch on Youtube.

Time for my little space that I could get comfortable with.
I've been stressing out too much for this month and I know I hardly post anything. I'm super duper sorry you guys! And here comes another bad news.... *drumrolls* (or If Its the right time for drum rolls o.o) I think, just maybe... I can't post for like a very long time after I publish this baby. Major exams landed on my feet, ouch! so yeah :(. But I promise

As you guys know, nah, you all don't know! lol. I've been watching Youtube videos lately just to calm and relax myself. Gosh! I'm just addicted to it haha! Thanks to the creators of Youtube and also the Youtubers for posting endless videos to add colours my quite-boring days. Now I'm gonna share some of the videos I watched lately, so hope you guys would like it! (:
I put it on link form, so it won't be so lag if you guys watch it ^^.

This Is Why Web Series.
By Dmingthing.
6 Episodes. I love them! :). Recommend it! Seriously (Y)!

Things You T…

How to grow long hair fast!!

I don't know where to start. I shall start from the sorrys, yeah? I apologize for the lack updates, to be frank I don't even have things to update. Not even a single event. So, yeap, my life is quite boring.

As you can see I changed my header, and my background. Nothing special, just some little vintage lover would do. I know some of you were peeping, looking my blog when I was gone. So sorry to you loyal readers. I love you all so much and I feel grateful :).
So I'm gonna show you readers, who is in a short hair situation, and wanted it to grow faster, more quickly. I used to be a "short haired" person lol. I can't blame anyone actually. I wanted a fresh look, so I chopped off my long hair and regretted for the end of the week. haha, okay -.-. Cause my school is really really really strict for short hairs. What 5 cm above the ear like that. I didn't know at first, then I was damn.... 

Be patient. At this moment, for those who are like me, cutting short h…