How to grow long hair fast!!

I don't know where to start. I shall start from the sorrys, yeah? I apologize for the lack updates, to be frank I don't even have things to update. Not even a single event. So, yeap, my life is quite boring.

As you can see I changed my header, and my background. Nothing special, just some little vintage lover would do. I know some of you were peeping, looking my blog when I was gone. So sorry to you loyal readers. I love you all so much and I feel grateful :).

So I'm gonna show you readers, who is in a short hair situation, and wanted it to grow faster, more quickly. I used to be a "short haired" person lol. I can't blame anyone actually. I wanted a fresh look, so I chopped off my long hair and regretted for the end of the week. haha, okay -.-. Cause my school is really really really strict for short hairs. What 5 cm above the ear like that. I didn't know at first, then I was damn.... 

Be patient.

At this moment, for those who are like me, cutting short hair and regret in the end of the week, don't go mad, cry or trash things in your house. Okay, I know you won't. Don't rush your hair to grow and stop pulling your hair. Its useless! You just have to be patient.

Comb your hair.

Comb your hair frequently, gently. Don't be harsh, it doesn't make you long on the next day. Make sure you use the right comb. Use the comb which is healthy for your scalp. I prefer this kind of hair brush. They say this is the best.

Eat healthy.

I know some of you may say, ai ya, this one I also know laaa, but this is really important for you as your scalp need to absorb the nutrient from your body to grow hairrrr. So scalp plays an important role for hair growing.

Use the right shampoo.

Use the right shampoo for your hair. I use Follow Me Green Tea Shampoo when I was "growing" my hair.


Say bye bye to bleaching, dyeing, straightening, curling or what ways to damage your beautiful hair.

Things that I don't support: Buying products or injections.
It's just hair!!! .__.

Thats it for now people!!
Hope it is helpful for you guys.
I'm so happy as today is one of my favourite youtubers, Bubzbeauty's marriage! :"D. Feel so happy for her. Catch her youtube channel by clicking her name :3.

I'll see you all, soon.
Vic sign off.


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