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Mid-Autumn Festival.

Happy September? haha. I shall call it stresstember.
Hello people out there! I am back! :). Like finally right? I miss you guys! & I also hope you guys did miss me too!
Why stresstember? Cause I'm having my SPM trials for almost two weeks, and burning midnight oil for two weeks, gaaaah tired but I'm happy to say today is the final day ^__^.

I stress a lot for both weeks. Even weekends, I force myself to study. I mean, who wouldn't want their results to be flying colours? But lastly slacking > studying hahahha. I'm such a nerd :X.

Anyway, SPM is really important to us Malaysians, but what is important as our family? I threw BM away that day for Mid-Autumn Festival haha. Call me a lazy person :B.

A little piece of me here :B.

I can be a kid sometimes.
& a serious young lady hehehehe :3.
Till then,

Victoria Yuen xoxo. ♥