One Hundred & Six 106 ♥

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A nice outfit, a beautiful night, a simple wedding, a gorgeous bride and a handsome bridegroom and we are here.

6th of October '13.

We must need selfie in such occasion :P

The most important thing.......


Thank You.
To all of my readers, followers (although there is a small amount of you).
Thank you for showing your love and support :). Thank you for those who read word by word that I wrote on every post.
My blog finally hit 35,000 viewers! :).
To others, its just a small number, but to me, its a big thing you guys! :D.

Blogging is my passion. I will never give up till the day I die LOL. choyyyyy! xD *touchwood*
Maybe I should name you guys.... passionates? lol... just saying.
Aww.. I love you guys soo much ^.^.
Here's a Vicquote.

Live beyond your beliefs.

Victoria sign off.
With lots of hugs and love ;


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