The examination days...

I hate myself for making drafts, and erasing everything over and over again just to write something perfect and readable. This is because I love my blog and appreciate my readers :).
I have been in a race with time, and you know its tiring, exhausting. Sometimes I just wanna lay on my bed, sleep and forget everything that would happen in this world. the bad thing is, time never gets tired, well myself, is torn by time.
Its a productive year though, keep studying.... and studying... well.. studying. Haha.

I took a few photos while I'm free, awhile. Yeap, lol.

September, October, November.

These three months are the busiest month of the year :(.


Back of the bookmarks.

Cut out bookmarks from last year's calender :). Nice eh?

I personally like this one, its a weird shape. I know.

Sejarah (History)

Bye bye Sejarah, you have been a great friend to me :3.

Its not a good timing to pick up a hobby.
Starting to read books before the trials. I love books for now haha :B.

colour pencils.

They have been good helpers on Sejarah :).

Science book.

I'm too extreme on Science, I guess? :P. haha, no.

As you know, I obsessed with YouTube these days, YouTube Time! label unlocked :).
I love sharing videos that I think their worth watching :3.

Riley Rewind Trailer.

I can't wait for this movie 12/12/13! Woots! Made by Anna Akana. Love her style, love her videos.
Click her name for the link :).

Loki interview prank.

Who doesn't love Smosh? haha :P.

BTOB- Thriller.

★★★★★ Five stars for this MV!
My sister & I love it so much! ^_^

Really EPIC fight from D-Trix xD.

The creativity of Ryan Higa's mind is infinity :3.
Love him so so so so much! A lamp since 2009 :B.

Victoriayuen sign out :D.
Have a great day!


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