Cage broke.

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NEVER FELT SO ALIVE BEFORE! The struggle, the stress, the sleepless nights, it's finally over, for now, haha. Lets wait next year's major SUEC.
I'm not afraid to running around and shout: Goodbye SPM! We're not in a relationship anymore! Don't cry... lol. Do I sound sarcastic or irony or dramatic? whateves haha.

Well, here am I, enjoying the first day of my year end holiday. Sorry for being a jerk but.... I'm not excited for Christmas for this year, but I still like photos and Christmas decoration in the malls. Maybe I feel tired for so long, don't have the mood for any events already haha. Yeap. So, I'm just gonna sleep hard and read some good books or watch movies and dramas for my boring-o-holiday.

Oh ya, I almost forget. Happy December everyone :).

Tell me anything you like, you don't like, or just for chat :).
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I'll see you next time, CIAOOOOO :3.


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