Merry Xmas 2013 ☃.

Dec 25TH.
Merry belated Christmas friends! :-)
Get to hang out with Joey & Qian Yue on this very special day.
Went out 2 days straight, crazy. I know right. But still enjoyed it :3.

Didn't take many photos though, mostly food.
No movies, just random shopping. While myself, window shopping XD. haha.

Breakfast @ Pancake House.

My all time favourite place to eat :B.

Walked around almost a day. My legs...... lol. *moaning*
Settle down for lunch at...

Sushi Zanmai.

I heard people said that the food there are expensive..
Quite expensive actually lol.... No Sushi Zanmai again.. haha, kay.

This is really good :-D.

Joey said:"Form 1 until now also like that!"
True story.

Asian pose and still going on... lol.

A friend I can't describe. haha.
We love each other in many ways. (not lesbian) lol.

Didn't take photo with Qian Yue =.=lllll. Gawd...

MINE! (.)

Qian Yue's


Till then,


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