Merry Xmas Eve | She's BACK! ❅

Dec 24TH.
Hello :b.
I didn't expect anything to happen on Xmas this year. I was expecting myself staying at home like usual. BUT!!! Thanks to these amazing people who made it happen :). My Christmas Eve & Christmas day turns out great than what I had expected.

Arigato my loves  :').

Guess who's back?
You'll find out later, let the photos do the talking!

Christmas decoration.

desserts in the morning.. -.- speaking about women haha.

Doing what girls should do ;).

From the left: Me -.-, Jia Le, Li Sha, Hui En.

The beautiful girls.
From the left: Jia Le, Zi San, Li Sha, Hui En.

All of us #1


Body shop's Xmas deco.
Love the Gingerbread man :).

Thanks Hui En.
I have no fashion sense lololol.

Lunch :3.

We bought this from S&J :P. haha.

Jia Le 的爱.

Last but not least,

© Jia Le

To my dearest Jia Le,
Forever friends. 

Appreciate everything you have, be grateful.
Check out for Xmas post! :D.


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