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Monthly Diary | January ✿

Hello world! ;-). I know you waited for a very long period for me to sort things out and sit quietly to update. I felt guilty inside too! I hope to update as soon as possible. But due to the senior 3 life with full of things and events, so I decided to create a monthly diary as you can see on my title.
To tell you the truth, senior 3 is quite busy and I can't update frequently, maybe sometimes I can update.. But I wanted to let you guys follow my track like usual. So.. yeah.. But if I can update frequently, then there will be no monthly diary for that month. So thanks for the cooperation and patience.
What is a monthly diary you ask. Monthly diary is the combination of all events or things happened during that certain month.I hope you guys can still enjoy the fun while reading me blog :-D. Teehee ! ^^.

January 3 ; Friday.
For those who read my blog for the past few years should know that this day is special to my family & I. Thank you to my mother for giving birth to me and bri…

Yay for 2014.

Aloha amigos! :D. ❤

2014 has been a good friend of mine at the moment. I also believe that a good start can lead to a better end ; but at the same time, a bad start doesn't lead to a dead end too. So if your first day of school or work doesn't gone so well, fear not. Tell yourself that tomorrow will be a better day :-).

I haven't been here for awhile, so babbling is a must right now hahaha :-P. My classmates are really nice! Most importantly, I already knew some of them haha. So its a surprise to myself too! xD. The other thing I love a lot is my form teacher! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ She's way more better than great :-). Love her since form 4 :B. I'm shoo lucky to have her as my form teacher >.<. So here I come SR3COMA✌.

I'm happy with my current life. Remember to be blissful, grateful and not to forget, gratitude. Don't expect too much things to happen to your. Don't expect people SHOULD to this and that for you, but think of what you're gonna do for others …

Happiness on 2014.

Happy New Year! :-).

Holidays ended, school bells ringing, tearing the last page of the calender, and here the new year comes. Things ended so quickly on last year, I can't even catch my breathe on time and boom, the new year has arrive.

I'm not prepare, seriously.

My new year eve was... event-less. No countdown nor parties, just another usual peaceful night with my precious family. Okay, I can't say peaceful cause fireworks scattered on the sky. I love fireworks, but they scare me at the same time.

I'm not ready.. but still... Welcome 2014.
Here's a piece of my face here, lol... *awkward*

new year, new selfie.
2014 is not a random year. It is a special year to me and all the fellow 96's.

1. I'm turning eighteen.
2. My last year of high school.
3. Facing the major exam SUEC.

In the year, I wanted to be happy, optimistic, hardworking instead of laying around wasting time, energetic. I wanted my love ones to be happy and healthy always :).

Sorry I unable to p…