Happiness on 2014.

Happy New Year! :-).

Holidays ended, school bells ringing, tearing the last page of the calender, and here the new year comes. Things ended so quickly on last year, I can't even catch my breathe on time and boom, the new year has arrive.

I'm not prepare, seriously.

My new year eve was... event-less. No countdown nor parties, just another usual peaceful night with my precious family. Okay, I can't say peaceful cause fireworks scattered on the sky. I love fireworks, but they scare me at the same time.

I'm not ready.. but still... Welcome 2014.
Here's a piece of my face here, lol... *awkward*

new year, new selfie.

2014 is not a random year. It is a special year to me and all the fellow 96's.

1. I'm turning eighteen.
2. My last year of high school.
3. Facing the major exam SUEC.

In the year, I wanted to be happy, optimistic, hardworking instead of laying around wasting time, energetic. I wanted my love ones to be happy and healthy always :).

Sorry I unable to post about the highlights of 2013. There are only a few of highlights that I want to mention.

So yep, that is my 2014 post. Hope I don't disappoint you all >.<.

May all of you be happy and healthy.
Be grateful for the things you have instead of catching those you don't.
Stay tune for my next post :-D. I love you all


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