Monthly Diary | January ✿

Hello world! ;-). I know you waited for a very long period for me to sort things out and sit quietly to update. I felt guilty inside too! I hope to update as soon as possible. But due to the senior 3 life with full of things and events, so I decided to create a monthly diary as you can see on my title.
To tell you the truth, senior 3 is quite busy and I can't update frequently, maybe sometimes I can update.. But I wanted to let you guys follow my track like usual. So.. yeah.. But if I can update frequently, then there will be no monthly diary for that month. So thanks for the cooperation and patience.
What is a monthly diary you ask. Monthly diary is the combination of all events or things happened during that certain month.I hope you guys can still enjoy the fun while reading me blog :-D. Teehee ! ^^.

January 3 ; Friday.

For those who read my blog for the past few years should know that this day is special to my family & I. Thank you to my mother for giving birth to me and bring me to this colorful world. Yey! I'm officially eighteen .

I used to think that being 18 must have big and wild parties and lots of presents and other awesome stuff. Conversely, I feel like being simple this year. I just wanted those who are important to me remember my birthday :-D. Unexpectedly, they did!
So thank you thank you and thank you to those who remember.

Happy Birthday to Victoriayuen.

Being eighteen doesn't only mean fun, but also the time to become independent and willing to take full responsible to the things you've done or said. Gratitude and appreciate is me style ;-).

Cherish the happy moments, throw away the sad ones ; love the people who love you, forgive those who hate you ; work hard to achieve your dreams but enjoy the fun at the same time ; never forget to smile, cause you are truly beautiful/handsome ; always look for the bright side, even there isn't any.

Happy eighteen! Thanks to Michelle Wai for the chocolate ;-D. She remembers my birthday every single time haha. Proud to have her as a friend.

January 04 ; Saturday.

Early birthday celebration with another January baby__ Me cousiee sister! :-D.

The family portrait

Le grandmama :'-).

The perfect couple ^^.

January 24 ; Friday.

Photo source: 冰灵.

Hey 新年到! 游子们纷纷回到家的怀抱 
                 凑个热闹, 分享传来的欢笑, 家人和朋友不能少~

Never will I forget this day lol. Had fun with these people :-D.
We represented SR3COMA on Friday haha ;-).

Catch a small part of us in this music video below!!!! 

Of course thanks to all Senior 3 for cooperating and our professional directors :-D.

Arigato to Yishian's camera :-D.

We won for the class deco competition!
Thanks to our beloved Min Er & Jia Wen . Of course some of us did give a hand too! :3.

Love the 2014 horse soooo much! ^__^.

Photo source: Nelvis Lim.

Actually we're not taking you guys lolol XD.

Guan Teng:" I got self portrait or not!!!?" lol. no. xD.


My dear Yong Peng. We look alike right??? lol.

Zheng Qing, the crazy one :PPP.

I expect someone would say cheese or something! loool.

Till then, byeee! :-).


Thi Lan said…
nice faves <3 your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3

Victoria Yuen said…
Hello Thi Lan! Thank you for spending time reading my blog haha. I love your blog too! Its really beautiful <3.
much loves,

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