Chinese New Year Update!

I apologize for my ugly calligraphy writing. I'm not a calligraphy person :/.
Hello dear readers!
Finally can squeeze a little time to update my Chinese New Year post!! ^.^ I don't want to delay it for too long cause its over for tooooo long already haha. I know... I know what chuuu thinking! haha. I know you guys are excited for mua's next post. How I find a date on V-day, instantly. hehe. Wait you shall.... be patient... :-).

Friends around me keep saying the same old thing.
"No mood for this year's Chinese New Year"

Well actually I felt the same too... but thank lord that I can still hangout with my beloveds before school hits me again.

Feb 3rd & 4th.

Lady's hangout with Joey, Qian Yue ;-).

Karaoke for the whole morning, my throat burns that day. Gaaaah....
Guess which hand is mine??? :PPPPP

We decided to cook our own meal!

Perfect set up :PPPP.

What can I say? I'm 18. I'm not a bad girl O:).

Our final result! Nice righttttt???? >.<

First time doing this with ma ladies :-D.
Really enjoy the process and had fun spending the night at Joey's.
I hope we can do it again and again and again and much more again(s) hahahah!

See you guys soon


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