My thoughts on Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
Everybody's talking about it! Well, single people out there like me, did your envy hearts go nuts? or maybe not. *dancing beyonce's single ladies* haha. Actually I don't really mind if people tell me that what their partners had done for them. I will be happy for them.

Valentines is a special day for every couple, no matter married or not. Its also important for ya'll buds! Guys, don't think that after marriage don't require any romance. Its nice for you to grab some flowers and a box of chocolates for your wife. She will be happy :-))). And for buddies! hahah You can slap them and say, Happy V day shyt and run away lololol. JUST KIDDING! but seriously.... lol.

If you ask how I spent my Valentines and who I spent with. I can say this year's Valentines Day is special and meaningful to me :-). It will always.. always treasure in my heart ^__^. Catch out  my other Valentines day post! :B. I got myself a date too! :X.

I am a simple person when it comes to gifts. I used to expect what people SHOULD give me on my birthday or other special occasions when I was younger. But, its not about the gifts, its about whats inside. #IfyouknowwhatImean Instead of roses and chocolates, I love receiving cards or letters, either of them written by my other half. I think its sweet lah. Or maybe a romantic candle light dinner, its nice :-D. Cause you know... I'm a food lover xD. etc etc~~ How about you ladies and gentlemen???

Ladies.. Just remember.. Valentines day is not about the gifts, its not also about the showing off. Its about your precious ones.Stop expecting your guy to do or create romantic things for you. You can also give him something special or a kiss maybe a hug is great too :-D. I personally love hugs. I am able to connect with that person heart to heart . Gifts doesn't need to be pricey but memorable ;-).

If anything doesn't seem to work out, don't run away, work it out together.
If you almost give up on each other, remember the times you had together.
Relationships or marriage, that shyt ain't easy. Appreciate your other half, cherish your moments with them, tell him/her your worth it even its hard.

I love you guys!
Again, happy v day ;-).


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