Senior 3 Fair. ❤

Hello muffins and jellybeans! ╍●▽●╍ #thatdoesn'tmakeanysense.
Finally the post you've been waiting for.... or maybe not ;-(.

Feburary 14th ; Friday.
Love is in the air, but for a Kuen Cheng-ian, busy busy busy and.... exhaust! wooop *wipessweat*
Did a lot of fun things and spent whole day selling and also took photos with my buddies! ;-).

First of all, Calligraphy. "NOT AGAIN!!!" haha, yesrh.

Mine on the left and Pei Ying's on the right.

Who's nicer? Please say mine >.< haha.

The professional Jia Xing.

But her calligraphy seriously nice lah weihhh!

Guan Teng need some potrait.

Sue Zen, Guan Teng, Mua.

Susan & Sue Zen (mind f? XD)

Bright vs awkward smile, which one is nicer o.o???

My dear Pei Ying.

Senior 3 arranged as 'Horse' in Chinese word.
credit: Ong Si Kai.

And.. the fair begins.....

The main stall: 

The Game Play Area:


Someone hit the jackpot.

This part is where I show you how to get a date! :B.
Must follow step by step....
Be aware....
Never miss one step.....
Or you shall face the consequences...
Consequences you shall face.... lol.... but seriously....

All you need to prepare is one friend and a camera.

1) Set eyes on someone good looking.
2) Be calm and target that person.
3) Approach him/her and pull his/her hand.
4) Place your pose and force him/her to do so!
5) Ask your friend quickly shot a few photos.

And your DONE.

Look at my date on Valentines Day xD.
With the shuai ge (handsome), Vzian.

You jelly? xD.
Don't fret ladies! He's not my date actually, he's my good friend ahhahaha.
Shock and disappoint? Or maybe happy? >.
And I caught another target! LOOOOLLLOL

Mr. Tan.

And he was stole by my buddy Yishian :(. 横刀夺爱. Just joking!!! :].

Gideon, photoboom level: 0.3 lols.

They have so many photos, I jelly!!! :((((((
Jokinggggg! (man I made too much jokes :P)

Yishian, Mr.Tan & Gideon.

Ma ji muisss
Yong Peng & Yishian.

We have done. What a day! /.\...
But waiiitttt! Went to Mid with Yishian,

Watched a movie Bullets over Petaling Streets.


Me, dear Pei Ying & Yishian.

Till then,


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