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About earning happiness by GIVING.

Hello amigos and flamingos :-). (Damn, I think I'm obsessed with unrelated word mixing O.O)
I got inspired by this video. Credits to Viddsee. Do like, support, subscribe and share (Y).

I have a thing for this kind of moral value videos. They inspire me and gives me hope on life again. And sometimes, they even struck me and make me realize that we need to give more than what we take from the society.

I've done something that was related to this topic almost a week ago. I was scared and terrified. At first I was calm like a boss, but when I was sitting on the chair, waiting for my turn, I felt that hell door has open lol.

I learned something there. A little pain of yours might save a person's life or sometimes even lives of a group of people.

I was glad and proud of myself that I finally pick up some courage and had done it! It was my first time, and I bet it wouldn't be the last time :-). I've always wish that I could accomplish something worth a try on the age of 1…