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Realize : heart to heart convo.

Hello everyone! :-). Hello hello, haha (scared not friendly enough)
I know that I am not a really active blogger these days... Or maybe months :X. Its my fault, so sorry. If you're expecting any fun events that I am going to post today, well... you're probably wrong :(.

I've notice that for years... I keep posting about events that I encounter or even bunch of mates being my mates (If you know what I mean). I totally put away my own feelings or try not to show too much right here.

I know this is wrong, but ain't no nothing wrong about publishing anything I want in this space of mine right? If this offend you, sorry bud.

You notice the title, heart to heart convo. So this will be my true feelings... read it or not, its okay. I mean.. I didn't put a gun on your head and force you to read right? haha, so yeah.

I was scared. Yes, you heard me. I was scared. I was scared of putting out my feelings nakedly and people would simply crash it, vigorously, vehemently. Cause m…

May, a thankful month.

June mood currently ON.
Yes, May, the most thankful month of the year. Cherish your loved ones, cherish me ahhaha :P.

What I love about teacher's day is...
Having fun with your classmates as it was children's day.

Our beloved principle.

Spot me?
He said he wanted a photo with me haha.

How to smile awkwardly.

May has been fine so fine, surely June will be better and more adventurous.
May June will be better and smoother and awesome-er?

Good Luck to all of you,
I'll see you guys soooooooon!

Photo credit: Jia Wen.

Love, Victoriayuen.