Dedicate my love to...

July, the lucky number seven of the year. I like to use yellow for July, got some kind of lucky star feeling haha.
Hello everyone! May your July run smoothly!!!
June has been quite hard for me to cross over. First, my mid-term examination like usual and next I had gone through sickness, a little bit of dengue fever. 'cause the scorching sun and hot weather plus lack of water. But I'm fine now, thank you! (If you want to ask me how I am feeling)

But!! June did brought me a whale of memories...
So, this post is dedicate to my lover, no laahhh, my awesomelly stupidity outrageous Yihong! We love you soooo much that you didn't even realize we're planning for your birthday.

Hate us or not, we didn't snap much selfie.
So this is the ONLY selfie we got, precious eh?

© Henry Chan

Thank to our cute crew member, Wen Hao! haha for "planning" this celebration.
P.S : I look ridiculous! /.\

I'm not a super fan of TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars), but I do love this song and of course the singer herself, Charlie XCX! She's in the Fancy music video with Iggy Azalea. Click here to listen/watch fancy music video! :-D.

Victoriayuen sign out.


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