Commemorate Albums - Yearbook 2014

 Thank you Amelia for the Sharpie supply.

Recently, I've been working on commemorate albums. That secret hobby of mine is drawing, yes. Frankly, I had learned drawing when I was young, but incidents happened so I stopped. I remember how much I love to draw and mix all kinds of colours together. I think it is something fun to do, 'cause colours make people happy and I love making people happy :-). 

So, thanks to my friends who had shoveled a bunch of commemorate albums to me before and after exam. I'm really happy to pick up this hobby again although it is a bit tiring thinking about different designs. A few friends asked me why so struggle with the designs, just put the same thing in every commemorate albums. To me, everyone is special, and I think everyone deserves a special design on their autograph albums ;-).

And truth is autograph albums should be written with heart, not just simply work.

So, I have started to pick up my pencils and colour pens and draw nor sketch. Not as beautiful as those professional artist. I just draw nor sketch simple, vintage art :-D.

Anyway, received our yearbook! Woohooo! :3.


第五十八届 高三毕业班

SR3, rocks :-P.

Victoriayuen sign off.


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