Lets work it out! ; October

Hi my dears! ;-). Hopped off my last trial paper for today. Yiippieee :-). Feeling relax and tense at the moment 'cause 2 weeks later I am going to sit for my final exam, which also mean this is my final paper in high school. So I will give my best best best shot! I could leave high school but I didn't. My friends asked:" Why you're still in high school when you're 18? " haha. Seems weird in Malaysia cause normally students knock onto college/university's door at the age of 17 or 18 after SPM (Final exam in high school in Malaysia). But.. well, I chose to stay for SUEC (Final exam in Chinese Independent school) I know what's best for myself and thanks for the support :-*

Feeling stress and tense, but still, I'm moving on guys! :-). October, one of my favourite months in a year, I don't know why, maybe Autumn falls on Oct. October, make me feel  special  :-D.

Love you guys, 


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