Assets that are worth having in life.

What I think that will fulfill life is... having the right asset on hands. As a commerce student myself, I've been facing the same text for over three years on either Journal, Balance Sheet or etc. "Assets" in accounting means that items, objects or you could call that stuffs that are or were in every company such as office equipment, fixture and fittings, furniture or etc. (Sorry if i use too much 'etc(s)')

Some assets can't be bought by money, cheque, or with other payable relevant media. Assets such as family, friends, love, time, life and much much more than those were listed. We all know that family is a very important unit in life. From the moment we started living, our families will always be there for us. With all families combined, we can create a community, a country. You can say that " hey man, I could buy a whole lots of families to stay by my side. " But I can tell you, the feeling isn't the same.. And it will never be the same.

Humans like me tend to see everything so clear when sh*t happens in life. For example, friends. You could see who is your true friend when you're in big trouble. Maybe you could see it without going through all kinds of sh*t like I do, well, congratulations to you, you are really special and beautiful :-).

As for me, basically, I not here to brag myself but I can say that I am a sensitive person, but when things go bad, I lose my freaking senses, it's really bad for me. Really.. really bad. Now kids, stay away from the emotion rollercoaster :-/. I get easily drop off from my track..

I think assets that are worth having in life, instead of family, but also friends. I rarely have friends, because I am a typical Capricorn which makes me hardly open up to someone else, so if you are with me for a period and think that I hate you, well, I don't. Its just hard for me to really throughly expose myself to someone I hardly known.

I have a few best friends, which I am really lucky to have them (You know who you are! :D). I'm really glad that they stay by my side even I've gone through rough times. I feel bless to have them who tells me the truth instead of hiding it. They too will either open up to me or will embrace my true self, accept who I am. I don't even need to feel awkward with them cause I'm the only who embarrasses them haha.

To me, you guys are the best assets that are worth having in my life. I love you all! :'-).

I can't give you a lot, but I am sure that I can be true to you, appreciate you and love you for who you are too :-).

My friends and family are my best assets, what are yours? :-).

Victoriayuen peace.


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