Graduation Night 2014 @ Kuen Cheng High School

November 15 2014 | Saturday

Pei Ying

Shine Ann

Miss Yu, 2013 Chinese Teacher!

Nian Yu, this beauty share the same birthday date with me! ;DD.


Pei Ying with Susan & Monica.

Michelle, Vienna, Zhi Wen.

Wendy, happy jolly queen ;-).

Wallace, Jessica & Pei Ying.

Wen Wei

Yong Wai & Andy

Hong Sin

Guan Teng, my back seat friend

Yi Quan

Yew Keat, Giraffe- Shi Kai

Moey Sean Jon (高三代表), Tze Hyin

Kar Yue, she so cute! xD

Sabrina, my sexy lady.

Fei Yang, my back seat mate & Bing Xiang, the bus mate.

Zheng Qing, 小美人

Handsome & Crazy

Shu Thai, Kelvin, John, Oscar

Yong Xin, we share the same brithday too! :-).

Song Wei

Jian Xiang & Stool Ming Hyde


Graduation night, the moment I've been waiting for! Words can't describe how lovely this night could be. Ladies looked stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, magnificent etc. Gentlemen on the other hand looked handsome, well-groomed, fancy etc.

It was memorable and unforgettable night for most of us. Spending the last night with my beloved friends was a gift, and a precious one too. So, thank you to my school for putting up this event. I'm really really glad.

Senior 3 may seem to be struggling with exams and fighting for time, but through this we learn to grow. And at last, we get to enjoy the fruit we once planted. Isn't that sweet? :-).

I guess this is goodbye. The last time and last night spent in Kuen Cheng.
From now on I am not a KC-ian, but in my heart, I'll always be one.

终于在中学生涯画上句点, 我没有后悔, 因为我选择留下.
祝福你们前程似锦, let us start a new chapter in life.



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