The Right One??

What is Love? I can't give you the proper answer. We always tend to find the 'right' person, but how could you define the 'right' person? Who is the right person or who might be the right one? Someone who is perfectly perfect? Or someone who makes you feel right?

#RelationshipGoals has always been my favourite tag, I think this tag is greatly created 'cause we can learn facts and observe how two people from different worlds can collide together and stand together to deal with obstacles faced in life.

For my opinion, I shall define the right one as...

1) Someone who you feel comfortable with.

2) Someone who you miss when he/she is far away.

3) Someone who you enjoy sharing little bits of joy in life.

4) Someone who has the same motivation as you, no matter sharing same or different dreams.

5) You will become his/her important person.

6) Someone who accepts and loves you for you, not someone you're not.

Photo source: Marzia's Tumblr | Weheartit | Zoella's Blog

Good Luck in finding.. the right one ;-).
Take care and I'll see you soon.

Victoriayuen peace.


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