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2014 Throw Back!

Throw backs are usually done on the last day of December, to conclude what I had done and went through throughout this year. I love writing about what I had done this year, it feels like magic and wow, a year pass through at such amazing speed. I just can't wait to move forward to next year and feel the magic once again. I will try my best to make things better year by year, a new year is really important for me, for you, for everyone.

Thanks to the inspiration of Qiu Qiu, I had made my own throw back posts since 2011 click here (Sorry for the lost photos). Do check out 2012's throw back post here ! I had skipped last year's, but, I'll make it up this year, right?

This post will be similar as 2012's throw back post. Url(s) everywhere!!!! SO be prepared!!!!


The year of 2014, finally I'm eighteen. I didn't celebrate my birthday this year, but I do appreciate those who remember. Started the first chapter of Monthly Diary / January. And too participate…

The special ones

source: Jia Le
These fine ladies made my Monday blossom! ;-). Finally we meet up in the same location as last year. Location doesn't matter but the friendship does!

I was like:" Can you guys like don't look so fine okaayyyy!" and they were like:" NO LAHHHHHH! " LOL. I'm serious, they just look as fine as always and as beautiful as always. Talking to them was like... really comfortable :-).

Really enjoy my day with them although it's a short one :'-(((. Will miss both of them next year, please don't leave me in Malaysia aloneeeee! haha.

Friendship is just like that... simple and easy, no drama or using each other, just connect each other with true feelings. Friendship like this will last long.


Movie Reviews

Hello everybody!! :-). I love watching movies, because I'm a lazy person. I don't watch drama much often. For the love of movies, I've decided to start a new topic on my blog, woot! I wish I could write more reviews about the movies I love watching or movies that I would like to recommend to you guys! So... prepare yourselves ;-D.

The first movie is The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies. Not a hobbit fan before watching, becomes a fan after watching :P. For those who loves fiction movies like Harry Potter, I totally recommend you guys to watch this movie.

The movie contains breathtaking effects, scenes, dragons, elves, dwarfs and many more for you to figure it out! *wink wink*

Even the poster is awesome! Gawd.

One of the dialog that caught my eye and feelings was...

*when Kili dies*
Tauriel: Why it hurts so damn much!
Thranduil: 'Cause it's real.

Those who had watched will understand what I mean :-).
As the trailer..

Thank you Peter Jackson and crew for such amazi…

When Feelings Strikes

2014 has been a rough and not to forget a lesson-fulled year. I gotta be honest, I did not spend my time wisely, so I don't feel alive this year.

Throughout this year, I've gone through quite a lot of situations. Some were bad, but some turned out to be good. I am glad and feeling blessed at the same time :-). I can't believe I had undergone such challenges that I thought that was hard a year ago.

My biggest achievement throughout this year was getting through the major examination, SUEC. Everyone said UEC was hard and rough, but I was determined to give it a try. I'm glad I did, even it's quite hard. I tried my best. I chose the right decision. Thanks to those who had guided me to the right place, the road where I am suppose to walk on.

A few days left before we step in a new year. I'd always love new years, brings me full hope and energy to fight for what I should be fighting for. New year, new hopes, new dreams.

I am not the best at writing, but I wish to s…

There ain't Christmas If there ain't music ♫♪

Interesting title eh? haha . Merry Christmas Eve everyoneeeee! It's a jolly holiday, but it won't be perfect without Christmas songs, am I right? haha. Don't disagree :-P.

Here's some Christmas song that I would like to share with all of you ;-). I know we always listen the same song every year, right? Versions are very important. So, sit tight, grab a pack of popcorn and... well.. listen of course!!! :X.

‣Jingle Bell Rock◂

I just prefer Charice to sing live, she's uhmazing! xD
‣The First Noel◂

Christmas songs that I wanted to share this year :-). Hope you guys enjoy it.

Till then, Bye and have a Merry Christmas Eve!!!! ;-D.

Girls Meet Up ♥ 8 Dec 2014

It's been a long time since I meet up with this girl. Finally meet up with her :-).
Lovin' the meet up. ♥
We chatted a lot, but I just can't get enough time bruuuuh :-'(. They said there isn't much time when you're hanging out with your bestie haha. I can be sure of this now :P.

It takes time to find someone who you can have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Found a quote @, which I think it's my current favourite quote! Sorry for being such a nerd, but... I'mma quote lover! It goes like....

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”- Anais Nin
© Joey
Kudos to Joey for taking a weird picture of me .___.
I was awkward by then, and now too xD.

I shall continue my writing journey. Still brainstorming something :-D. Christmas is cominnngggg, aren't you guys excited? Share you excitement with me ;-D.


Gift ideas for Christmas.

Hello dear readers! December just started and you know what that means..... Christmas is around the corner, yersh! Less than a month. Time passes amazingly fast fast fast! You got that holiday spirit right there pal. But one thing....

No matter family, friends, other half etc... You don't have a single bit idea do you? Or maybe you did, but... you're not sure if that special gift is suitable for them. Am I right or am I wrong? :O

So, I am here to help you shoooo the headaches away by providing some gift ideas! How about that! :-).

For the ladies, I prefer....

1- Floral Headbands 2- Nail Polish 3- Loose Sweaters 4- A Jar Of Stars 5- Elegant/Casual Necklace
Reminder: 1) Make sure what flower she likes before buying this gift, aim that! Ribbons could do ;-). 2) Make sure the newest colour trend / choose the colour she likes! Pastel colour nail polish? NOT BAD! :-P. 3) Either printed or just simple style loose sweater. Size is important! :…