2014 Throw Back!

Throw backs are usually done on the last day of December, to conclude what I had done and went through throughout this year. I love writing about what I had done this year, it feels like magic and wow, a year pass through at such amazing speed. I just can't wait to move forward to next year and feel the magic once again. I will try my best to make things better year by year, a new year is really important for me, for you, for everyone.

Thanks to the inspiration of Qiu Qiu, I had made my own throw back posts since 2011 click here (Sorry for the lost photos). Do check out 2012's throw back post here ! I had skipped last year's, but, I'll make it up this year, right?

This post will be similar as 2012's throw back post. Url(s) everywhere!!!! SO be prepared!!!!


The year of 2014, finally I'm eighteen. I didn't celebrate my birthday this year, but I do appreciate those who remember. Started the first chapter of Monthly Diary / January. And too participated my first music video in my high school with a bunch of frieeends!!


The month of joy, Chinese New Year!!! A catch up with my buddies, Joey & Qian Yue for a ladies night. And of course the highlight of this month was... Senior 3 Fair on Valentines Day. Ain't no Valentine bud, so must work hard for cash, haha jokinggg xD.


I went through blood donation on the day before examination. Swag level x999999 lol. I remembered I was studying when the nurse is putting the needle on me LOL. Exam is for realzzz :-P. Realize that giving is more happier than receiving and taking things for granted.


Another monthly diary in April. Practicing dance moves for Sports Day hardcore! Sweats and sunburns, we finally did it!!! Still remember how we dance in the rain on Sports Day Trial. And yes, we did rock that rain with our a w e s o m e n e s s! Finally when Sports Day arrived, we did a splendid job! April 30, we had created miracle. Steamboat with them after a long day.


Mother's Day, Teacher's Day. A thankful month. I love my form teacher, loveeeee!


A heart-to-heart post was published in this month. Being yourself is the most wonderful thing in the world. If you wanted to conquer someone, you must first conquer yourself.


A throw back post for Yihong's birthday. I love you buddy! Taiwan Education with the whole senior 3, hahah. PWTC was flooded with a bunch of school buddies, how cool was that! :-P.


The month that I started to face up the challenges ahead, lit up yourselves, PEOPLE!!!!


A month where I rekindle my heart for this pop-rock band, BoysLikeGirls.


The final war I've been waiting for has arrived, the major UEC. The month of struggle!!! Butttt! I manage to push myself through this issue and break the cage babyeeeehhhhhhhh!!!!! FREEDOM!


The last month in Kuen Cheng. It's hard to find true friends in this huge building, if you do, please appreciate them. I will totally miss my form teacher. Thank you for being so patient and kind. Without you, my advance maths will collapse hahahaha.

Run around almost every shopping mall in K.L to find my dress. Life's hard lol. Finally found the one. November 15, a memorable and precious day, once in a lifetime. Graduation Day & Graduation Night. Never forget that.


Meet up with Joey, my girl :-P. I didn't celebrate Christmas Eve nor Christmas, just sitting in home being Asian. Another meet up with the models, Jia Le & Hui En. And I had written my first movie review post!! How exciting!!!

I guess this is where I end my post for this year. I believe next year would be a better year! If you don't enjoy this year, it's okay, just think positive and the good will come to you.

See you next year guys!!!



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