Gift ideas for Christmas.

Hello dear readers! December just started and you know what that means..... Christmas is around the corner, yersh! Less than a month. Time passes amazingly fast fast fast! You got that holiday spirit right there pal. But one thing....


No matter family, friends, other half etc... You don't have a single bit idea do you? Or maybe you did, but... you're not sure if that special gift is suitable for them. Am I right or am I wrong? :O

So, I am here to help you shoooo the headaches away by providing some gift ideas! How about that! :-).

For the ladies, I prefer....

1- Floral Headbands
2- Nail Polish
3- Loose Sweaters
4- A Jar Of Stars
5- Elegant/Casual Necklace

1) Make sure what flower she likes before buying this gift, aim that! Ribbons could do ;-).
2) Make sure the newest colour trend / choose the colour she likes! Pastel colour nail polish? NOT BAD! :-P.
3) Either printed or just simple style loose sweater. Size is important! :-D.
4) You can either make stars or write wishes on paper and scroll it up! Don't know how to make stars? Follow the steps below! The jar is important, choose a beautiful jar, or maybe tie a ribbon on 
the cover :-).

Don't understand? A video might give a lift! ;-D.

5) Elegant/ Casual necklace can be cheap too! Pearls and diamonds are not a must boys! Sometimes we just like to go back to simple style, you know? ;X. Simple and nice is the key code.

Add ons:
- Beauty products (It's too risky cause you are not sure about their skin condition, consider natural soap!)
- Scarf (Printed scarfs are cute! ^^)
- Socks (Socks with cute characters, KAWAII!)
- Vintage room decorations (Clothes hanger, photo frames, cosmetic box etc..)

For the gentlemen, I prefer...

1- Cologne
2- Belt
3- His Favourite Game
4- Watch

1) Please don't smell like girl perfume o_O.
2) Check out his waistline :-P.
3) Boy's favourite. Choose the games they wanted to play.
4) His favourite brand!

For guys, I think buying things that they use daily is the best gift decision.

So here you are! Some of the gift ideas from meeee yay! Hope you guys enjoy reading and I hope this post does help you solve a part of your gift problems. What are you waiting for? Go and put them into your cart NOW before it's too late! o.o

Till then, catch out for me next post ;-).


Felicia Silver said…
These are great ideas! I also suggest headphones for guys too. My husband always loses his and I got him a Bose headset as one of his Christmas gifts. Your site is really cute. Thanks for sharing!
Victoria Yuen said…
Thank you for your compliment and the suggestion Felicia. Headphones are great! :P

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