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Hello everybody!! :-). I love watching movies, because I'm a lazy person. I don't watch drama much often. For the love of movies, I've decided to start a new topic on my blog, woot! I wish I could write more reviews about the movies I love watching or movies that I would like to recommend to you guys! So... prepare yourselves ;-D.

The first movie is The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies. Not a hobbit fan before watching, becomes a fan after watching :P. For those who loves fiction movies like Harry Potter, I totally recommend you guys to watch this movie.

The movie contains breathtaking effects, scenes, dragons, elves, dwarfs and many more for you to figure it out! *wink wink*

Even the poster is awesome! Gawd.


One of the dialog that caught my eye and feelings was...

*when Kili dies*
Tauriel: Why it hurts so damn much!
Thranduil: 'Cause it's real.

Those who had watched will understand what I mean :-).
As the trailer..

Thank you Peter Jackson and crew for such amazing movie.

The next movie is Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb. Wanted to watch this movie for a long long long long long long long time! Finally it's out on Christmas! Yazerssssss! ✌

I can't explain how I love this movie so much! Unfortunately, I could not give full stars cause the ending a bit sad for me. But still, I love Ben Stiller so so so much! He's a great actor . Lovin' Rebel Wilson for her randomness that made my day! :P. And Rami Malek, the Egypt king is loved :-).


I mean, this woman is freaking uhmazingggggg in her own ways.

Love one of the dialog of hers..

Tilly: You betta let me out! What are you staring at? Wha you never see a gorgeous woman before who could be a model if she doesn't love pizza so much!

How can you not love this man? :OOO.

Loving the movie and the trailer (Y) (Y) (Y).

I hope you guys enjoy the movie that I had just recommended! Hey... why not? :P.


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