When Feelings Strikes

2014 has been a rough and not to forget a lesson-fulled year. I gotta be honest, I did not spend my time wisely, so I don't feel alive this year.

Throughout this year, I've gone through quite a lot of situations. Some were bad, but some turned out to be good. I am glad and feeling blessed at the same time :-). I can't believe I had undergone such challenges that I thought that was hard a year ago.

My biggest achievement throughout this year was getting through the major examination, SUEC. Everyone said UEC was hard and rough, but I was determined to give it a try. I'm glad I did, even it's quite hard. I tried my best. I chose the right decision. Thanks to those who had guided me to the right place, the road where I am suppose to walk on.

A few days left before we step in a new year. I'd always love new years, brings me full hope and energy to fight for what I should be fighting for. New year, new hopes, new dreams.

I am not the best at writing, but I wish to share my feelings and my inspirations to all of you. Hoping that all of you could receive my message, words that I wanted to say or dreams that I wanted to pursue.

There will be and ups and downs in every stage in life. So put that sadness, depression and negativity aside, never let them ruin your happiness. Smile, be positive, be optimistic and stay strong.

Yes, we grow everyday and we learn something everyday why not enjoy life, and feel alive?

Stay tune, and stay awesome.
Till then, byeee.


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