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Gift of 2015

I have been away for a month, it seems like its been a decade since I place my fingers on keyboard, typing the things I wanted to write-- thoughts. Once again, we have approach towards the end of a year. 2015 has taught me a lot. This year, instead of summing up what I have did, I prefer writing what this year has given me.

Again with the ups and downs talk. Yes, undeniable, most of us have gone through happy and sad times throughout the entire year. I have undergone mostly downs which were started as ups. Its like having nothing from the start, and then you received a gift, finally having something in possession. And then, split second, the giver takes it away. I was happy, cheerful person from the start. Until I left where I thought I belong, straying, again. That's when I had realized people can be a little too forgetful and mindless sometimes. I too, am that someone.

Then I met people, and even discover a new world. I guess that's what they mean with the quote:"When y…

Stay true, no matter what.

Thoughts running on my mind, regarding with friendships, or relationships you might say. We all lost people. People who we love, care and appreciate to have. We thought that they will stay. I would not want to say forever, but a very long time. Unfortunately, they were gone or walked away, without specific reasons, some may not even leave a word. Its cruel I might say.

This cruelty makes us a different person. It changes us to someone selfish, unwilling to be the one who invest love into someone again, no more putting ourselves out, we thought... or else we will be left hurt and patches of injuries in our hearts. Slowly, we lost our sincerity, the heart that is true.

Nevertheless, this is life. People come and go as I did mention number of time, we knew that. Its just that ones we didn't expect to leave, have left. This happens often. Its these people who builds you up to the person you are today. Those who did not loss anyone through different stages, good for you. But to those w…

September body, November movements.

November is ticking, in a fast pace. I feel like I'm still in the September, but in fact, I'm hella busy rushing my assignments (gawd damn.. :/) I have many thoughts, unwritten, many words to say, unsaid.

I always thought that people are different, but I also know people somehow have common thoughts sometimes. Just that, I haven't seen it until now... A course mate of mine spoke to me, about people, with her, I enjoy listening rather than do the talking. She's great in talking, explaining things and getting her sh*t together. One thing, I really wish that I can get my sh*t together. So, I went surfing the net (disregarding my assignments, having a great old time with myself :P), and read guides. Found one which I think its really great, click here to read.

Growing up, isn't easy. You gotta get your sh*t together in order to get there, to achieve your goals. But... growing apart is easy peasy, you just have to shut down yourself. Recently, a friend of mine approached…

Its time to be true to myself.

A minute ago, I just did something I thought that I wouldn't do. Not something extreme, but merely something that got my heart hanging and locked up for almost two months-- I left and deleted a Whatsapp group with the people I once have a feeling that I belong. I felt a moment of relieved, and my heart seems to be lighten a little.

Leaving a Whatsapp is nothing to some of you. However, leaving a Whatsapp group which may destroy your friendship with the people you called 'best friends' was a major issue for me. The bond was broken in the first place, just that I am stupid enough to wish that it can be fixed, making every effort to hope that things will be revert back as normal.

I never thought I would do that because deep down I know that I am not someone who will disregard other people's feelings or someone who will let go things so easily. But... before I did it, I knew that I have tried. Because I am proud to say that I am the only one in the group that initiates to …

Monthly Diary | October 2015.

Its almost the end of October and... I have the nostalgic feeling again as in May, but... more. Therefore, I shall write a monthly diary about it :-). This October, unlike the other, I have learned so so so much about people and from human beings that are inspiring. I feel happy cause I get to be inspired in this month with my favourite season. Little things make me happy ;-).

I get to meet a lot of amazing new people, participate events that I never have before, run activities as a part of the coordinator, get out of my comfort zone and do something I am afraid of and get to collaborate with new people in the coming events. I lost people that I appreciated, but what I gain is much more than that. Sometimes you have to let go the old, and let the new come in. It takes courage to let the new stuff come in. Mixed feelings, but mostly they are happy. Not the best month, but I can put it in the list of favourites.

Its hard to describe what I am going through by now. I haven't been upd…


At some point of your life, you started to sort out the concept of life, even it is still ambiguous to you. It’s like a puzzle where you have to put piece by piece to see if it forms a picture. And knowing that some pieces don’t fit together is realization.

In life, we need to realize in order to get a clear picture or make a big step forward. You might realize the importance of all elements in your life (relationships, work, health…), the worthiness of people and things, the choices you made, the things that you are truly passionate about etc.

people come and go, only the true ones will stay; people change, shit happens; some relationships don’t work out, all you have to do is let go; some little choices you make will change your entire life; you have disallow life stands in your way in order to succeed etc. At the end of the day, you need to realize that, nobody will make you happy, only you can make yourself happy.

Everyone grows up, but not everyone will realize things. Some are …

Best trait of mine.

I remember there was one time my psychology teacher in high school asked the whole class to fill in their merits and faults of themselves. The general answers were kind, friendly, smart and the whole list goes on. But what I do was, I left a blank space on the merit box and the list of faults were long. Cause I can't think of one merit, but only faults. After I got back my paper, my teacher put her words, red: everyone has merits, I'm sure you'll find yours.

Everyone has merits, its natural to say this. Some are intelligent, some are pretty, and some are talent, well, the generals. I am always the average kid which you can grab hand full of them. I am never the outstanding ones and I always wonder what's the good in me? Until today, I have figured it out after all these years and I was proud of its uniqueness and its conceal ability (or just me plain stupid? ahaha).

The willingness to stand out and work things out. It may seem like a normal trait, but it has truly gave …

Complete ❤

Its been a long time, things happen, but life goes on. I am writing this post as a Year 2 law student *firework effects* I'm very thankful that I am able to get through that frustrating Year 1. Believe me.. Its not easy. Now I am one step towards my goal and... yeah.. Many more challenges await :-).

And... these people are the best gifts I have received. Thank you ♥.

I am the spotlight, duhhh :P.

I am weak at putting feelings in verbal, so I might as well attempt to put it as readable words.
I didn't realize this until my friend told me this: We are like a family, did you realize that? Therefore, I shall conclude this as: We are not friends, not even best friends but a family cause we come as a whole. The thing is... We don't sugarcoat words, but say it out loud, sarcastically. We bully each other with sharp hurtful words. At the end of the day, we know that none of us mean it.

Every moment, special moments, we keep it to heart. We cherish each other, we learn from each ot…

It takes courage to walk away.

I have learned this. Not everyone that exist in your life is positively right. You will notice that some are trying to take advantage of you, some are taking your kindness for granted, some that are besties in front, backstabber at back, and some may distrust you when you needed their beliefs.

There are many kinds of people in the world that is hard to sort out what their true faces are. One thing you can do is... Walk away from these people. Walking away, leaving, detaching these people takes courage, not just any level of courage. The fear of leaving their group, walking away from a team of people you used to know, love, appreciate, had memories with, render yourself outside the comfort zone you used to have, or should I say, used to own them.

You might wonder or regret after you pick your option. You will wonder... How are them without me, what are they planning to do now, would they miss me? You might think of different types of questions which are related them, at the end of the …

You deserve a day.

Most of us feel tired while we work, attend to classes, or even doing nothing. Repeating the same action everyday makes us tired, it’s like a never ending cycle. Best thing to describe us, hamsters running on the wheel inside a cage. The hamster is you, while the wheel is the task you do daily and the cage is life. This is life.

At times, you are too busy for the little things, especially city people, humans in the city are busy earning income to sustain expenditure on all sectors, from properties to family members. Life’s hard, but that does not mean that you must keep working from day till night, you are not a robot. We are humans, and it’s normal for us to feel tired sometimes.

I know some of us, especially students while doing revision. They (I mean ‘we’ haha, I’m still a student) usually study for approximately 30 minutes, then we lose our attention and drift to our phones for hours. That is actually a wrong method of resting. Yeah… I am part of the category mate hahahah.

You got…

Bandits Coffee Bar @ Bukit Damansara, KL

Thanks to the review written in Malaysian Flavours, my bestie and I were able to land in such wonderful cafe. It took us time to search for a free parking space, unfortunately, the area was full of vehicles and we ended up parking in a parking lot :'(. However, good thing we did not give up on this cafe, and it ended up being my current favourite cafe.

It is located next to Rish Maniam & Co, as you can see the sign on the photo. According to Malaysian Flavours, there was no shop sign at that time 'cause it is freshly open. But now, you can simply spot the banner attached on the shop outside. This neon sign will lead you to to their cafe too!

It is a small area where you can glance everything at one sight. Comfortable enough for you and your friends to have tea time together. The chairs are comfy, and music is a bonus. Even it is called 'bandits', they play soft music :P. It is cold inside, even if my bestie and I sat at the corner, air condition game strong. LOL.



Sitting at the backseat is a great feeling for someone like me, who has been a front seat driver for times. Its good to lean on cushions of the backseat, peeping the window, counting street lights and fall asleep unknowingly. 
I was sitting one of my friend's car, with another friend on the front seat. It was almost 7, the sun was setting as I watch outside the window, streetlights lit up, cars filling the road, traffic getting busy, my thoughts are running wild... again. I was like a child, peeping outside the window, using my cardigan as a blanket because i'm not an air conditional person. I wish there's food... hahaha.
Its a long journey home, 'cause of the jam. I became silent after demanding my friend to change music childishly haha. I was quiet most of the time that he thought I was dead behind there. I was thinking things, processing thoughts, on the memory lane again, looking up the dark sky, watching the tall buildings sharing the same background.
Just a few …


I have not demonstrate you all my first photoshoot with myself which I named it as #DREAMPROJECT. Not much of inspiration, its a said-and-go photoshoot. I just thought about it and went on with it. You may see some are within posts (1)(2) and another one at the right side panel. My virgin work :-).

I hope that I can have more photo lines coming soon. Do check out my other photos right here. Thank you and I'll see ya soon~~

Till then,

Brunch// Joey.

Another meet up with this sassy lady again for brunch 'cause we're too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, somehow stuck in the middle. So here we are :-). Can't believe last time meeting her is almost 5 months ago. Time flies. Check out our last gathering.

Had fun chit-chatting with this girl after a long period. Updating information of our lives. This has become something significant to me. Sometimes you just gotta sit down with a friend, relax and just, well, talk. No matter telling him/her about what you've been gone through and maybe some future plans.

We talked alot, she does most of them hahaha. I really enjoy that I can talk to someone without being on guard. I really enjoy this kind of conversation. And... I really enjoy the dessert. Lemon cake + vanilla ♥. How I wish time could stop when one is enjoying but too bad, it does the opposite.

Till then,

Smart phones aren't so smart at all.

After watching this video, I felt upset that how the existence of smartphones had changed our generation throughout these years. As one of the youngsters out there, I feel the urge to voice out my own opinion related to this topic, smartphone.

It is undeniable that smartphones are very convenient for most users as it provides efficient applications and much more benefits to be stated. However, it draws a line between people, planting distance between people. Well, I am not opposing against smartphone users, I am one myself as well. Just that I don't use it that way.

Most people, especially youngsters nowadays, are swiping their phones everywhere, anywhere they go. I was so disappointed of people back then aim to achieve goals but people in this century can't live without Wi-Fi. Even in restaurants, Wi-Fi password is more important than the meals. I mean come on people.... Are we suppose to gather together and have a meal or sitting there, swiping phones with each other's …

Zion T.

Its hard for me to become a fan, but he made it hahaha. I am not Korea pop song fan girl, but I have the urge to share about this Korean artist that I really really really like, 'cause he's too amazing! He is currently my favourite person to listen to and I just love him inside out. In the eyes of the general, he's just a normal Korean artist but to me, he doesn't show much of his emotions externally, however he puts his emotions in his music which I admire about him. He has that kind of sentimental feeling which I love yet I can't explain. He's not "handsome" comparing to other Korean pop stars, he doesn't need to be, he's just gorgeous to me *squeals* hahaa.

What I admire about him, is his personality. I watched him in the episodes of Infinite Challenge. As you know, its less likely for me to watch any variety shows, but I did, cause I wanna see him hahaha. I just think he's the jewel among artists nowadays. He writes, composes, and sing…