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Enjoying life.

Hello lovely readers! ♥
Its been another wonderful week in uni although there are some problems and obstacles. I am sure I can handle this! :-).

Its hard, but I know it's gonna worth it, a lot! So put up my semangat ('strength' in Malay) and fight negativity, obstacles, challenges etc. SEMANGATTTTTT!!! 

I do miss my blog, I really do. I will post more things as life starting to change. Life begins when you step out your comfort zone. This is true, we all have that line which separates comfort zone and new life zone. So come out from comfort zone, enjoy your life.

A few days ago, we did a farewell for my lady, Cara, as she is going to leave uni straight to U.K. I will miss her! Omg! I love talking politics with her, we have similar views. Good thing we had lunch together in NU Sentral. That's our memory :').

We had pizza, but cara went home that day :'(.

A photo of 5 ladies with 2 boxes of pizza, who doesn't love pizza, I mean! You know! :B. We're like …

✿ My Uni Life ✿

Hello hello lovely people! ♥
After a month and a half of laziness, I've finally decided to get my butt up and register for university. I don't have too much struggle while choosing the institute that I wanted, but one thing that I am afraid is ------- being regret of what I had chosen.

Although it is still the first month of the year, I felt that I had been through a lot of changes, major changes in life such as, I gotta tune my language, from Chinese to English ; meeting new people from around the world or around Malaysia ; accepting various cultures, being bold enough to speak infront of strangers etc. There's a lot that I really wanted to share.

I've gone through a very long period of Orientation Day, but I skipped a few of them haha. I get the chance to introduce myself in front of my classmates, no ready script, just random spill out things that I am passion at. I'm so glad that everyone understands my English and embrace my passion :-). I love that kind of f…

The Diva ♛

Hi Diva! ;-). You probably didn't expect I would write a post for you eh? :-P. Sorry for the late birthday post. If you ask me, "Do you remember my birthday?" I would have said "Yes, I do!"
I do know we share the same month and same horoscope! We're January babies and Capricorns xD.

I can't really believe... We knew each other for like... 4 years! The most amazing part is.. watching you transform. Puberty makes you a young fine lady :-D.

I still remember when we first met in that society (You understand what I mean! :-P). The most memorable part of you meeting me was asking me if I am Victoria Yuen. Believe it or not, I still remember how the conversation goes! It goes like...

You: Are you Victoria yuen!?
Me: Yeah...
Me: *surprised*

You are the first person who's telling me that you love my blog! I was so surprised and happy that time. Thanks to you, it had made me feel special. And thank you for be…

Stay Motivate ! ☼

There are days that I will feel upset, unhappy, depressed, low, down, useless, insecure etc. We all have emotions, and some of us are emotional or sentimental. It's okay, some of us do feel that way, you are not alone :-).

What keeps my spirit up is reading quotes. I am a total nerd when it comes to reading these kind of things. It works for me, I think you can give it a try too! Or you can do something you like a lot like doing the sports you like, reading books, listening the music you like, eating (watch out the portion guys!)

I usually read quotes on Twitter. Which I scroll scroll and scroll down all the way and favourite. It's like storing energy in your backpack? Weird to say but you know what I mean! :-D. Always stay motivated!

Here's some quotes that inspires me:

Source: Weheartit

Quotes are one of the reasons that push me through the hard days. When I am feeling bad, an inspirational quote could let me get back on track. I am a thinker, I always think about life …

Nineteen and Divine ♥

Hi! I've save a post for my birthday, hope you all wouldn't mind :-).
I'd always wanted simple things in my life. Be truly happy, be who I am, doing what I love to do and enjoying the process of doing it and also, my beloveds to be happy. Can't believe I am nineteen now. Nineteen, eh.. Not a really special number unlike 18, 20, 21, 25? And so on. But I think this year will be truly special for me, yes, it will be. Waiting for soo many adventures where I can observe, explore and dive in in the future.
I had received a very very very special gift on my birthday from my best friend. I am truly touched by what she had written and thank you to a few friends who spend their time dropping a small note on my wall and personal message me to wish me a happy birthday.

Celebrated my birthday in the most simplest way with the ones I love and... A cake :B.

Happy 19th BirthdayAnother adventurous journey begins. I can't wait.

This year will be wonderful and divine. Lift your spir…