Enjoying life.

Hello lovely readers!
Its been another wonderful week in uni although there are some problems and obstacles. I am sure I can handle this! :-).

Its hard, but I know it's gonna worth it, a lot! So put up my semangat ('strength' in Malay) and fight negativity, obstacles, challenges etc. SEMANGATTTTTT!!! 

I do miss my blog, I really do. I will post more things as life starting to change. Life begins when you step out your comfort zone. This is true, we all have that line which separates comfort zone and new life zone. So come out from comfort zone, enjoy your life.

A few days ago, we did a farewell for my lady, Cara, as she is going to leave uni straight to U.K. I will miss her! Omg! I love talking politics with her, we have similar views. Good thing we had lunch together in NU Sentral. That's our memory :').

We had pizza, but cara went home that day :'(.

A photo of 5 ladies with 2 boxes of pizza, who doesn't love pizza, I mean! You know! :B. We're like savages while eating pizza, joking, I am the only savage there! haha. #ThrowbackJanuary22

This is the beautiful Cara (Ignore my bad face day). Isn't she beautiful!? :-D.

As today, I tweeted Shawn Lee and said I wanted to watch him live, which I really really really desire to. I am not expecting him to reply. But.... here you go! 

I took hours to reply him a tweet. Screenshoting his tweet and replied. #Happiestday!

If you have no idea who's Shawn Lee, he's a famous Malaysian beatboxer.
Here are links to know about Shawn Lee.


I won't scream like crazy la, deep down screaming only hahaha.
Check out this video which I really really like about Shawn :-).

-Little things that make me happy this week-

1) Ice-cream!

2) Watching Rebel Wilson Best Parts

1) Finally had my first cup ice-cream of the year! It's been ages since I get the taste of ice-cream.
Durian flavour is good! ♥♥♥
*Caution: to those who feeling uneasy with durian, don't try :-)*

2) I am not a pitch perfect fan, but I am sure that Rebel Wilson will be my favourite character if I watch this movie. I watched this extracted version of Rebel as Fat Amy talking jokes. Damn, she rocks!

Victoriayuen rock out.


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