✿ My Uni Life ✿

Hello hello lovely people!
After a month and a half of laziness, I've finally decided to get my butt up and register for university. I don't have too much struggle while choosing the institute that I wanted, but one thing that I am afraid is ------- being regret of what I had chosen.

Although it is still the first month of the year, I felt that I had been through a lot of changes, major changes in life such as, I gotta tune my language, from Chinese to English ; meeting new people from around the world or around Malaysia ; accepting various cultures, being bold enough to speak infront of strangers etc. There's a lot that I really wanted to share.

I've gone through a very long period of Orientation Day, but I skipped a few of them haha. I get the chance to introduce myself in front of my classmates, no ready script, just random spill out things that I am passion at. I'm so glad that everyone understands my English and embrace my passion :-). I love that kind of feeling :'-). Thank You!!! ❤❤❤❤

School view.

An amazing photo to end this post...


*Norman's facial expression*

Thank you for this beautiful start.
University, the real beginning.

Can't wait for more amazingness happen in the future with you fellows! :-D



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