Stay Motivate ! ☼

There are days that I will feel upset, unhappy, depressed, low, down, useless, insecure etc. We all have emotions, and some of us are emotional or sentimental. It's okay, some of us do feel that way, you are not alone :-).

What keeps my spirit up is reading quotes. I am a total nerd when it comes to reading these kind of things. It works for me, I think you can give it a try too! Or you can do something you like a lot like doing the sports you like, reading books, listening the music you like, eating (watch out the portion guys!)

I usually read quotes on Twitter. Which I scroll scroll and scroll down all the way and favourite. It's like storing energy in your backpack? Weird to say but you know what I mean! :-D. Always stay motivated!

Here's some quotes that inspires me:

Source: Weheartit

Quotes are one of the reasons that push me through the hard days. When I am feeling bad, an inspirational quote could let me get back on track. I am a thinker, I always think about life before I sleep which happens to me frequently and this is my brainstorm source I think :-P.

Hope you guys cheer up, be positive, stay happy and remain strong. There are bad days and also good days, so just flow with it ! ;-D 



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