The Diva ♛


Hi Diva! ;-). You probably didn't expect I would write a post for you eh? :-P. Sorry for the late birthday post. If you ask me, "Do you remember my birthday?" I would have said "Yes, I do!"
I do know we share the same month and same horoscope! We're January babies and Capricorns xD.

I can't really believe... We knew each other for like... 4 years! The most amazing part is.. watching you transform. Puberty makes you a young fine lady :-D.

I still remember when we first met in that society (You understand what I mean! :-P). The most memorable part of you meeting me was asking me if I am Victoria Yuen. Believe it or not, I still remember how the conversation goes! It goes like...

You: Are you Victoria yuen!?
Me: Yeah...
Me: *surprised*

You are the first person who's telling me that you love my blog! I was so surprised and happy that time. Thanks to you, it had made me feel special. And thank you for being a loyal reader and a good supporter. Your support is very important to me :-). Thanks for being an amazing reader and a friend :'-).

Once again...

Stay young, wild, beautiful, smart and awesome!

I may not be your best friend, but if you feeling not okay, I'm always here ^.^.

To: The fashionable Diva Amelia.

Yours truly,


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