Growing Up.

Growing up is never an easy task, we all know that. When we're young, we always wanted to grow up, to have own freedom. At that time, we only focus on the pros of growing up, having all the freedom we wanted, build a fantasy. But, as we start to grow up, the things we need becomes more and more simple.

Freedom is really important to us, but think about this, when we have all the freedom we need, at the same time, responsibilities won't stop growing as well. Is this a pro or a con to you? You have all the freedom, but you need to pay the price for freedom and that is become more independent, responsible, discipline and so on. Sadly, freedom ain't free at all! :(.

For physical changes, we all see that puberty changes a person, but just on the outside. Where people turned hot suddenly. Ain't he a geek in high school? Who's this hunk now? Did you face these kind of questions before? I know I did. I am still hoping for my puberty! :B Where is the moment when I turn hot? I'm waiting! But! Physical change is not the only changes you need.

Not just physically, we also grow up mentally, you will know that, dig a little deeper :-). When you started to understand things you didn't understand before means you're growing up, inside, innerly. When you started to be brave enough to let go of unnecessary things; when you started to know how the society is structured; when you started to see a person in many kinds of angle / step in other's shoes or maybe you started to choose the right things to hear/say/listen; when you started to prefer simple things instead of complicated ones, well darling, that is the sign of mentally growth :-).

2 months ago, I wasn't the person I am now. I grew up, which is a wonderful process, embrace it. Knowing that growing up isn't a trap, it's a process where you  explore, accept, enjoy it . Knowing that once you understand the real meaning of growing up, you will start to think about it.

Don't fret, just follow the flow. Sometimes, growing up can be cool too :3.



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