My New Year Resolutions ♡

Hi you!
Hi February!
Hi new goals and challenges!

It's good to be back here! How was your January guys?? Mine as you see went quite well. It was an amazing month for me :3. Feel happy every time I read my blog, catch the happiness right at the links below:

My birthday post
University Life
University Life 2

I feel grateful and blessed to have these people, things that come in my life. You all are very special to me :'). I love you all! ! From strangers to friends, truly a special gift for me :3. Don't expect much, just be grateful for what you have :-).

As for this new month, I believe there's more good things coming ahead, better stay tune, peeps! ;-).

Anyway, I hope I am not to late to create a list of resolutions for this year .__.". I know it's been a decade for me to write this kind of stuff :X, but I really think through it.

1) Study hard, and get great results!
2) Stay positive, and be happy! :-).
3) More food hunting & food reviews.
4) Blog more about my lifestyle, thoughts and inspirations to you people out there.
5) Go to places, wander around, explore
6) Build my dream body.
7) Make more new friends ; Gather with the best friends .
8) Do more photography!
9) Read more, learn more.


Continue to follow my passions, and be proud of it!

Never give up on your dreams, heads high love ;-).
What is your new year resolutions? Tell Me! (:



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