Orientation Party 2015 ❤

I've been off from my blog for awhile due to the business and craziness popped up in my life. Anyway, Happy Valentines Loves! . Single or not, love yourself, that's important. Like they say:" Learn to love yourself before you love others."

I'm not going to post about Valentines Day as you can see hahaha. I have none Valentine experience.

Theme: Jersey
Date: 07 Feb 2015 (SAT)

I have no jersey at all! LOL, but still rocking the party! :-D.

So how this happen? (Photo below)


Family of Champion ___ Mr. Neoh.

'Cause we're the family champion, let us become professionals together and get employable! hahaha. Love you guys!

Thanks to my fellow team mates for making the decorations happen :-).

I think our decoration card looks beautiful :'-).

Our decoration board turns out to beee.... cute? o_O

Do appreciate my photoshoots xD. Also introducing the photo booth.

The awesome-ness just stroll in when these babes jumped in ;-).

They're so beautiful! 

Karaoke session with Terence, Ms. Kathleen, Mr. Neoh, Vivek, Maffinda & Alex

Terence with his amazing voice!! *applause*

Mr. Neoh:" I think I should stop here " *continue singing**chuckles*

Alex, like woah. haha.

Zheng Qing, Ryan & Jessica.

Thanks to the committees for making this party happen. I really really really enjoy this :-).

A random picture which I like, I wasn't ready :X.

But here's a ready one!

Here's a tip to be happy, always try to be happy, things will become amazing.
Trust me, it does happen.

Much loves,
Victoriayuen ☮


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