Simple ways to access Valentines Day

Valentines Day, a day which both lovers can express their love to each other. But!! Boy you're still haven't prepare a gift for her?! What should you do to fully express your appreciation and sincereness to her? No worries~ Today I'm going to give out a few tips of mine for you dudes out there to access V day easily with less budget. Wise way isn't it?

1) Cooking, yums!

Instead of having a fancy date that cost so much time and money, why not cook with her or cook for her. I know that you hardly cook anything and maybe making a simple sandwich will become the most hardest task in the world. But hey! Do it for her. Maybe the food isn't that great or tasty, but trust me, she will be satisfied by the process of cooking ;-). Man who cooks are the bom!

*Make sure the ingredients are fresh*

Here's a recipe website which I think it's great for you dudes out there! Check it out!
Recipe website: Click here!

2) DIY(s) are the best!

To me, DIY stuffs are the best gift of all. DIY presents may cost a little time of yours, but it's not that long. Through this gift, ladies can see how much effort you had put in, that's what they wanted to see! So put your effort guys! :-).

I know you may not be good in arts and craft, but hey, trying making her one. She will appreciate the work you had done (Y). Gifts these days are quite costly, so why don't consider this method? It doesn't have to be complicated, just easy with full of love! For example: Valentines Day card, bouquet of paper roses, etc.

I had attached with some DIY videos below, just check it out! ;-D.

3) Make her a video.

This is a hard one, but... DO IT ANYWAY! :-D. Make her video full of things you wanted to say for so long but doesn't have the guts to say it to her. Or maybe you could show off your talents, dancing, singing etc. I think this is enough to bring her with tears of joy! :'-).

Here's a video which I had watched 4 years ago, D-trix filmed himself dancing a love song to express his love for his gf. I love this video! Sweetness overload!

So, these are my tips for ya'll dudes. Girls are simple, they just need your love cover them all the time. Make sure give her the love, appreciation, securities that she need. You don't have to be perfect, just love her for who she is. That's what she need.

To wrap this up, single friends like me :-P, there's nothing to be upset about, don't cry in front your tv screen while eating ice-cream and pizza. You can enjoy yourselves by spreading the love to your friends and family. You can also make a day for yourself, dress up nicely and go on a date with yourself. I think there's nothing to be ashame about being single. Just miggle babyehhh .

Victoriayuen, peace out.


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