The magic in life.

Its funny to say that most of us did not know that magic does exist in our daily lives. What I mean 'magic' its not that kind of magic where people perform by pulling a bunny out from a magical hat or swallowing sharp swords or get cut into half in a box without dying, no. The magic that I meant above is... Time

By reading at that, you may think, are you crazy? Do you have a feeling when time pass so fast, you were sitting there, thinking, wow... time pass so fast, and next thing you do is either feel relieve or just sitting there sighing.

Time heals the pain, as they used to said. The miserable and struggle things that you've been through. The heartbreaks and the teary nights that you had spent. We all been through those days, darling, you are not alone, believe me. As time flows, you will slowly forget a certain person or thing or some feelings and start to move on or get over it. If you can't forget it, then don't. Let time heal you, slowly. It hurts, but follow the pace, don't rush, always believe that it will be okay, it's alright :-).

Time changes a person. The person you used to love, the person you used to talk to, the person you used to miss, the person you used to know etc. Do you have a situation where you chatted with a person without seeing them for a long time, you will soon realize he/she had changed but you can't tell where are the changes besides of his/her appearance. Darling, we all change, even you don't want to. It's a process, follow the flow, don't worry, pick it up even it takes a little time. Life is a path where you keep walking, but at one point you will stop and look back, and starting to think about it.

Time creates memories between you and another person. There is a moment when you will think, how I become friends with this person? How we met? How we started a conversation? and What will us become in the future? Time and destiny let us meet that person. I always believe this theory: There's a reason behind every person you meet. Like they said, it's destiny that bring us together. But I think time does include too. From strangers to friends, from friends to best friends, from best friends to soul mate etc, there will be precious moments happen between both of you that are unforgettable, and darling that is .... memories.

Time helps you to grow. What about growing up? Read this. As I had mentioned a few times, a few months before and after, I had changed. We grow up by thinking about things, issues faced in our daily lives.

I love spending time talking about life. I talked to a friend about how time pass so fast, how time bond us together from merely friends to uni pal, how time let us meet the right person, how time let us to stand, how time gives us life. Do you remember how you met your friend for the first time? No? Think about it. Well I do, most of them ;-).

Do you believe time has the magic now?

#np Charity Vance- Where Do you want to be.

Till then,


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