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Even we're miles apart, I know that you'll always in my heart.

Hiiii lovely readers! ♥
March has been a very very productive month for me, as well as April, I know that.  Haha.. *coughs* assignments *coughs*. I've been saving a lot of coming soon posts in my draft box, can't wait to release them out! (Mostly inspiration posts). They said that one gets more inspirational when he is in a busy moment, yes indeed!

"There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart."_______ Anonymous
*My current favourite friendship quote :3.

Another best friend journey with this beautiful lady, Joey Wai! :3 on 10 March '15 ❤
She makes my days bright :-)! ☀

Our friendship can't be counted by numbers of selfie(s).

Lunch time @ TGI Friday, first time having there, the food was okay ;-).

Round two dessert: Tau Fu Fa! One of my favourite desserts! *^___^*

I'm the driver of the day! ;-).

I'm a happy girl when it comes to food, sorry for the inappropriate platter hahah!
Thanks to my babe for these photos ;…

Ma gal ✿

March 10

 Happy Birthday Phyn Ping!
Hi gorgeous! ♥♥♥  Don't be shock, just read ;-).

Even we know each other for a short period of time, but one thing is you did let me know that what friendship is. I wanted to say sorry for all the mistakes that I've done in the past few months or even hurt your heart without notice. And thank you for being patient with me (dumb & insensitive person) x.x.

I just want to let you know that, I do feel blessed to have you as a friend and I am sure that we will be friends for a long long long period ;-).

Remember, always be yourself and feel proud of it, you're beautiful and gorgeous you know? You don't have to be polite to me, just feel free to be yourself, I am not a polite person also! hahahah. I love pizza and laugh like a crazy woman! *不知丑* XD. Tell me anything if you love to! No need be shy ;-P.

I hope you like this simple birthday post, I know that my writing is not that good :/. Most importantly, is that you know how I feel abou…

#DearMe ♥

I'd always wanted to publish a post that allows me to review my past. Recently, I found a Twitter user and he/she became one of my favourite Twitter users. As some of you know, I love to read tweets, as it contains important and inspirational messages within 140 words, how cool is that!? I will spend some time to read positive tweets or inspirational quotes tweeted by some of my friends. @BaeFeeling a.k.a Dear you, who is a Twitter user, inspires me to write this post today. Another inspirational source of mine is YouTube, which it had pushed me further to write this post by developing a new project as you can see on the YouTube icon few days ago #DearMe.

Everyone has a past, you, me, him, her, them, or even someone who you randomly spot on the streets. So.. it's normal. What special about everyone's past is that our pasts are different from each other, some of our pasts may conjunct sometimes, we may have same situations or ways to solve the problem, other than that, it i…

University Life 3

Guess I can count this post as Chapter 3 of my university life? haha. Bunch of happiness when these people tag along in my life, thank you. Its hard for me to say how much I appreciate you guys, but I really do ♥. However, uni life is getting harder when assignment strolls in, gawd :/ ... This is life guys!

Anyway, let the photos do the talking ;-).

Monday 02/03/15
Had a fun day with the children in the orphanage home with ma MPU mates ;-), which makes me realize that we have so much to be happy about, appreciate it. 
Had my first Starbucks drink in HELP, *tearsofjoy* *grateful*
Java Choco, really naice :3.

I got my name written as Viclag, I think.. .__." Can't really read the handwriting.

Thursday 05/03/15
Hardcore pizza munching and keropok (snacks) battling within 15 minutes with the pizza gang again ;-). We're women but we eat like a boss! #FOODFORLIFE 

Friday 06/03/15
Our dating plan finally work! Thank lord, it has been months... MONTHS!

-on the way to meet Rebecca-