Even we're miles apart, I know that you'll always in my heart.

Hiiii lovely readers!
March has been a very very productive month for me, as well as April, I know that.  Haha.. *coughs* assignments *coughs*. I've been saving a lot of coming soon posts in my draft box, can't wait to release them out! (Mostly inspiration posts). They said that one gets more inspirational when he is in a busy moment, yes indeed!

"There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart." _______ Anonymous

*My current favourite friendship quote :3.

Another best friend journey with this beautiful lady, Joey Wai! :3 on 10 March '15
She makes my days bright :-)!

Our friendship can't be counted by numbers of selfie(s).

Lunch time @ TGI Friday, first time having there, the food was okay ;-).

Round two dessert: Tau Fu Fa! One of my favourite desserts! *^___^*

I'm the driver of the day! ;-).

I'm a happy girl when it comes to food, sorry for the inappropriate platter hahah!
Thanks to my babe for these photos ;-).

If you ask me, I can't really explain how we met and how we became best friends. I guess I can say that, she just tag along in my life, or maybe I tagged to hers? Maybe we're just meant to stick together for eternity! hahaha :b.

One thing that I can be proud of is.. having a best friend like you! . Thanks for preserving this friendship with me :-). I can't really tell you how we preserve this friendship. We don't call each other every night nor text 24/7, we don't plan big surprises on special occasions, and don't hangout much, but when I know when I need her, she will be here for me :-').

Just wanna say, Thank you Joey.
Know that, when you need me, I'll be there too, always :b.

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere." _______ Tim McGraw



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Thank you Rizky! :D
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