University Life 3

Guess I can count this post as Chapter 3 of my university life? haha. Bunch of happiness when these people tag along in my life, thank you. Its hard for me to say how much I appreciate you guys, but I really do . However, uni life is getting harder when assignment strolls in, gawd :/ ... This is life guys!

Anyway, let the photos do the talking ;-).

Monday 02/03/15

Had a fun day with the children in the orphanage home with ma MPU mates ;-), which makes me realize that we have so much to be happy about, appreciate it. 

Had my first Starbucks drink in HELP, *tearsofjoy* *grateful*

Java Choco, really naice :3.

I got my name written as Viclag, I think.. .__." Can't really read the handwriting.

Thursday 05/03/15

Hardcore pizza munching and keropok (snacks) battling within 15 minutes with the pizza gang again ;-). We're women but we eat like a boss! #FOODFORLIFE 

Friday 06/03/15

Our dating plan finally work! Thank lord, it has been months... MONTHS!

-on the way to meet Rebecca-

These pretty girls are very cautious on driving ;-).


Its an accident, I swear -.-lll

Jessica: Eat like a goddess.

And this wife lover, as always.

ignore the ugly person, me.

Next stop: Dessert :b. Can't wait.

Saturday 07/03/15

Advance birthday celebration with this babe ;b. She almost cry, awh :'-). We love you and you know it! Hope you love the cakes & the purse ~

Happy advance birthday Phyn Ping jie! ;P.

“宝贝 希望你开心喔!;b @PhynPing with @JeSsicaJiuN @zhengqingg @YipPuiKee, Peggy & wife lover :3.” ______@Vicyuen

Can't wait for Chapter four, with you guys! :-).

Victoriayuen ☮


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