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Foodie gang celebration

Assignments are pretty stressful, facing the computer screen daily until midnight hours. Well, I can tell you that it is not that simple. Sacrificing your fun time and nap time which is important for a teenager like me. Assignments month equal terrible month. In a nutshell, assignments can be described as three points:

Another level of student tortureA fuse for zombie apocalypseA method for students to sacrifice self-time
I did saw my colleagues transformed from a human being to a  zombie, which was scary, I am a zombie myself as well. I felt like I had aged 20 years when I looked at my mirror one day, for realzzz. But hey! Its over now! :-D. Note to self: nap and eat while you can.

Anyways... Thats the celebration, which was happened on 240415 Friday.

*Sorry for the lack of photos*

cute Maffin did this :3

Jiun, the outgoing gal~
Natalie, the beauty.
"YAAAMMMMMMSENGGGG!" ('cheers' in Cantonese) as we shouted YOLOly while raising our cups of beer facing the dark sky, we …

Gender Equality Colloquium @ Taylors Lakeside

I'm so happy to be back, wonderful! ;-). Alright, the story starts here.

8th of April 2015

@ HELP University


❝ I will do my best, to secure justice in this society, to give a hand in building and developing my country.❞

This is my second time stepping in the enormous Taylors, with tall buildings surrounding me and a large meadow, feel like lying on there and watch the clouds flutter in the sky. Its a great experience with professional speakers and warm welcomes from the people in charge. Good speech, especially that guy on the first photo. I didn't get his name, but I can say he is very good speaker with the flow of words, fluent language and all. Love it! 10/10.

As you can see in most of my photos, I took a lil tour around the beautiful university. I do have a thing for nature and animals, well... I can't deny it :-D. Regardless flowers, sunlight, animals there, I just love shooting them. Geese and ducks rule the lake, their territory, amazing view. They're so cute…

A bunch coming soon(s)

Hey loved ones! I lot coming in your way, so stay tune my blog! I'm pretty sure good things are coming right ahead of ya! ;).

A little greetings from my legs first, will be right back as soon as possible! Love ya'll ♥.