Gender Equality Colloquium @ Taylors Lakeside

I'm so happy to be back, wonderful! ;-). Alright, the story starts here.

8th of April 2015

@ HELP University


❝ I will do my best, to secure justice in this society, to give a hand in building and developing my country.❞

This is my second time stepping in the enormous Taylors, with tall buildings surrounding me and a large meadow, feel like lying on there and watch the clouds flutter in the sky. Its a great experience with professional speakers and warm welcomes from the people in charge. Good speech, especially that guy on the first photo. I didn't get his name, but I can say he is very good speaker with the flow of words, fluent language and all. Love it! 10/10.

As you can see in most of my photos, I took a lil tour around the beautiful university. I do have a thing for nature and animals, well... I can't deny it :-D. Regardless flowers, sunlight, animals there, I just love shooting them. Geese and ducks rule the lake, their territory, amazing view. They're so cute, so cute that my girl wants to grab it home, so as me. I'll miss them, hoping they'll do the same :p. -naive human being-

I had a fun and of course exhausting day. I didn't realise I slept until my head tilted on my girl's shoulder. I felt that I look ugly sleeping, did I snore I wonder. One thing, the heels kill me, can I go with running shoes? hahaha :b.

Loves, Victoriayuen


Luna Darcy said…
You can wear running shoes and still conquer the world!

I love your blog and I hope you continue inspiring everyone!

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Keep blogging!

Victoria Yuen said…
Hi Luna,
Thank you for your visit and support! I will inspire as much people as I can in this world.

Omg! Best news I've received today, thank you for inviting me as a Guess Blogger, I'm so touched. Thank you very muchhh! :-).

Luna Darcy said…
You are welcome. It would be an honor to have you. My blog is called Organized Lunacy and it covers various topics. But to get you started, pls visit the ff link:
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