Short Getaway // Three

Finally part three is hereeeeee! :-). It took me some time to edit the not-contrasted photos, but I manage to finish it before May ends ;-). So... *Collage alert* *Forgive my photography skills*


The last day of us being stress-free at Sungai Lembing and going back to the busy busy city :/. In my opinion, if you really want to rest, why not runaway from the city to nature's arms? I believe this is a healthy way of living.

Sunset hill, we climbed up the hill for sunrise, makes sense? :P. I love to photograph sunlight, 'cause to me, sunlight represents HOPE, no matter sunrise or sunset. It was a beginner journey, however you'll be painful to watch me climb. My legs were sore back then hahaa, I still manage to finish the quest though! *strong arm emoji* :-D.

It was a 45 min climb, and if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see a more beautiful sunrise. Suggest climbing time: 4:30~5:00 a.m. We went there late that time, ngaw :/. But the sunrise was not bad also, must be satisfied a little bit hahah :p.

This is where the portrait starts! :-D *forgive my skills* (I'm not a portrait person xD)

If you're wondering if this is her real expression when she saw the sunrise, yes, its real. Jealous of this lady, a potential model.

Natalie & Alex

Haters gonna hate haha, she's a real poser here! Jessica! ;-)

One of my favourite piece, starting, Maffinda.

And.. myself ☼

Thanks to the professional stranger :3.

I have stairs phobia now ._.|||

Footbridge vs hotel footbridge! Nicely drawn.

As always, group photo!

If you think the group photo is the last picture for this post, think again...

Zheng Qing as Statue of Liberty (No offence) 

Ended this post with a cute collage of the girls ahaha.
I'll see ya'll on the next post ;-).

Till then,

Feel free to check out my gallery at photobucket by clicking HERE. Thank you lovesss! ;-).


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